Sunday, February 14, 2016

No to the EU

The reason I will vote NO is quite simple
to many migrants have been allowed to
enter into the UK.

They taken jobs and homes and worse
they take the young peoples future.
Migrants have become job blockers
for many people born in the UK

many employers choose to take migrants
because they prefer them .If the migrants
did not come here then would have to and should
employ UK citisens .
It is said by the plutocrats the influx of migrants
have helped the economy .grow.
certainly the arrival of five million foreigners.

would naturally lead to a larger economy
a bigger pie if you like  unfortunately the bigger
pie has only led to a smaller share for  most  natural
born  most UK citizens .

Id rather a smaller pie being shared more fairly
that the one we have now with only the wealthy
gaining the benefit.

My real concern is the future for the younger generations
there is enough competition out there  limiting one
that of migrants stealing  their opportunities  is one
we can do some thing about asap.

so when Cameron and the snp vote to stay
in the EU take a good hard look at the
younger generation around you and consider
what is the best outcome for them.

and vote


Friday, February 12, 2016

A LABOUR (Hero)MSP has been let off with a warning by Holyrood's presiding 
officer after he branded Nicola Sturgeon a 


Nicola Liar

 Nicola Liar

 Nicola Liar

 Nicola Liar

             Neil Findlay

             labour msp 

            a very great man!

            a very great Scot !


Friday, February 5, 2016

The Blairites are accusing the right wing
media of driving the people into voting
to leave the E.U. 

Pot Kettle Black !

or What



And Now the snp are attempting the same thing