Sunday, September 11, 2011

SNP leader says

SNP activists   “dancing on pub tables shouting ‘freedom’”,

snp are full of

“paranoia, conspiracy theories, mental illness and downright stupidity”

Prof positive of the unfitness of the extremist and untrustworthiness
of the snp nationalists to govern Glasgow


ha! ha!ha!

what a fucking gift 
to Scottish labour


  1. Jeez Niko. For a moment I thought you were talking about the Labour group and Holyrood and their poor leader who finds himself irreplaceable, because he's the best they have.

    As for the story; rather a little blown in to a lot by a Labour supporting paper. What do you expect?

    It seems that there was a falling out; people resigned; some were invited to withdraw their resignations, and some were not.

    Move along please. Nothing to see here.


  2. tris

    Yeah! still we milk it for all its worth

  3. Labour need all the gifts they can get - a less gifted lot I've never seen. Did they get any gifts from Gaddafi - I think they did.

    Like your bar, which of the trees do you live in?

  4. The Palm one as he likes it well greased.