Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MPs to hold investigations into Scottish independence referendum

Battle over Alex Salmond's plans intensifies as 
Scottish affairs select committee at Westminster agrees inquiries  

Reign of Terror

Yeah! at last

The Westminster Committee of Public Safety
Under the Chairmanship of   Ian Davidson
aka Maximilien Marie Isidore de Robespierre

"There is no more Vendée,  snp Republican citizens. It died beneath our free sword, with its women and its children. I have just buried it in the swamps and the woods of Savenay. Scotland Following the orders that you gave to me, I crushed the children beneath the horses' hooves, massacred the women who, those at least, will bear no more brigands. I do not have a single prisoner to reproach myself with. I have exterminated them all..."[1]
Thats the way to do it !


  1. HE HE HE HE HE...

    We're all very scared of that silly little committee.

    The more they treat Scots like stupid shit who haven't the sense to govern for themselves, the more people come over to us.

    The more a set of pampered thieving gits in Westminster insult us, the more ordinary people like us.

    They should carry on. As Wee Michael Less... no sorry... Moore said, All the cabinet should come up to tell us how silly we are being.

    Bring them on. I'll even give them a bed for the night (well, not old Foxy, because he'll want to bring Werrittyy).

  2. Wait till I tell uncle Ian you've been calling him Citizen Robespierre ... :P