Monday, December 12, 2011



Dear Mr Cameron,‘you have damaged Scotland’

 ALEX Salmond has written to the Prime Minister accusing him of damaging Scotland’s interests in Europe and “blundering” into the controversial move to veto European Union treaty changes.



much as I hate to say

(I'd sooner pull me own teeth out with blunt pliers and no Anesthesia)

On this Alex aint wrong 


Cameron and the vile dirty stinking racist Torys

have said to the rest of the people of the UK 

Feck you ! 


Londonshire  Ist 2nd and always


  1. I'm contemplating if the earth really is flat after all ...

  2. lupe

    Thats a painful thing to have


    Cameron know his world is flat and covers one square mile

    And he will defend to the death(of others of course not his own you see him being a cowardly Etonian)

  3. I never thought I'd live to see it...

  4. Same Tris ...

    Times they are a-changing

  5. Niko ... it is still 51% btw ;)