Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Labour First Minister demands meeting
with Cameron to discuss EU treaty changes.
 Carwyn Jones and Another said the 
devolved administrations had been
excluded from decisions on European matters.

Yes a First minister who fights
for what is right for his People
and not just to destroy a nation.
One who seeks be a uniter.
Unlike the divider trouble maker
from the snp.

Whilst the Labour man goes to
work for the good of all the UK
and Cymru.
Another goes to find ways to cause
dissension and strife and exasperate
the situation to further his separatist


  1. Eh?


    Jones is a good guy. And clever too. Pity he's not Scottish.

    Do you rate old Johann, Niko? How would she do in a fight with Maggie Curren?

  2. Hey Niko

    Thats a headline that you will never see again in Scotland.

    "Labour First Minister"

    Still wee Jack will go down in history as Scotlands last ever Labour First Minister and probably the worst.

    Happy days Niko, and a merry Christmas and a Nationalist New Year.

  3. tris

    we will have to wait and see wont we.


    Heard that once before about never having a Labour primeminster

  4. Yeah, but that was after Callaghan, and after Callaghan we never really did have a Labour Prime Minister. It was some sort of slightly 'toned' down (see what I did there) Tory.

    Blair wasn't Labour and neither was Brown. Labour prime ministers don't preside over a widening in the gap between rich and poor; they don't follow neo-con presidents into war, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of people, because it seemed like a fun thing to do. They don't double the bottom rate of tax making the very poorest of workers even poorer.

  5. Niko

    Who gives a fcuk about a Wasteminster prime minister, no matter what type of tory they are, the full Eton boys of the blues or all the public schoolboys of the Labour pinkos. Who cares about the Lib Dums.

    We were talking about the last every Labour First Minister wee Jack now one of the vermin in ermine. I wonder if he is still taking elocution lessons so he fits in with his new pals?

  6. Aye, you'd need elocution lessons to fit in with the Rt Hon, The Noble Baron Disgraced Speaker, wouldn't you, Dubs?