Thursday, January 26, 2012

Could Alex and the snp make this vow today

"We, the people of Scotland who subscribe to this Engagement, declare our belief that reform in the constitution of our country is necessary to secure good government in accordance with our Scottish traditions and to promote the spiritual and economic welfare of our nation.
We affirm that the desire for such reform is both deep and widespread through the whole community, transcending all political differences and sectional interests, and we undertake to continue united in purpose for its achievement.
With that end in view we solemnly enter into this Covenant whereby we pledge ourselves, in all loyalty to the Crown and within the framework of the United Kingdom, to do everything in our power to secure for Scotland a Parliament with adequate legislative authority in Scottish affairs."

 The petition was signed by around two million Scottish people between 1947 and 1950.[ In the census of 1951, the population of Scotland was 5.1 million.

The snp can only scrape together 25% of the Electorate for their nefarious ends  

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  1. Again Niko you are twisting things around. We are not going to break from the UK just the Union of the Parliaments of 1707. Her Majesty will still be head of state and, even after independence, she will remain head of state.