Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Margaret Thatcher my part in her
by Alex Salmond

Yeah! back in the day when Alex was an
Westminster East end hard man and a
member of the Firm

he went to all the wild London partys and met
many strange  famous men

Oooerr! i say

A Hard Man!

even wearing the regulation hard mans

(dont he look fecking hard mean and moody?)
(I thought it was a young Marlon Brando at first look)

And to show how Hard he was Alex went to westminster
stood up and told them they were all

SLAGS! yeah all  SLAGS!

Alex Salmond a Hard man !

The First Minister’s audacious claim about his role in Mrs Thatcher’s downfall centred around an episode at Westminster in 1988


  1. A Real Hard Bastard just what we need

  2. Can you provide an actual link to this assertion or is it more of the Jackie Baillie fantasy lies over hospital infections. Thinking on it that is all Scottish branch of Labour has any form on is lying as it is in their DNA/Manifesto, the bankers friends enemy of the people.

  3. Oh dear, Niko. Are you saying that Alex was wrong to stand up for the voters of Scotland against a tax that nobody, apart from the Unionist MPs, wanted? Surely even you would have stood up against such a tax?

  4. CH

    all factual my sources are impeccable obviously as fellow (lightweight) Blogger uou understand i dare nor reveal them for fear of Nationalist reprisal


    Well i did so unlike Alex who took no actual action other than the verbal

  5. "i dare nor reveal them for fear of Nationalist reprisal"

    Is this in case the 'hard man' Alex comes around and beefs you up?

  6. CynicalHighlander,

    lol, I stole it.