Thursday, February 9, 2012


SNP at loggerheads with BBC over Salmond

 The snp have launched their first assault

in  a concerted   campaign to take over all

broadcast media in scotland.

the snp realise unless they stop

the truth of their Independence

folly being exposed they will

be annihilated in any

Independence referendum.

Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, said: "So, now it appears that the BBC is a 'tinpot dictatorship' populated by 'gauleiters' simply for saying no to the First Minister


  1. Niko: you are correct, the SNP are rapidly becoming a joke.

  2. Ah... now we quote Ruth Davidson... What happened, Niko, to all the terrible things you used to say about Tories?

    The interesting thing is that I could you many many times when the term has been used by Conservative and labour members in the House of Commons.

    There was no fuss about t any of them.

    The First Minister of Scotland went to a rugby match, he was asked if he would be prepared to talk a little about that match before he went in. he agreed. The BBC stopped him doing that in the interests of not giving him air time that other political leaders wouldn't get. presumably neither Johann nor Ruth were going to the rugby.

    The prime minister has however been on the bloody telly all day blabbing about the England team. isn't that a little unfair, or is it just that there in only one party in England now?

  3. Cynical

    Their both torys, what can you expect.

  4. Deano

    Yep! and all thier own work.


    Curious argument you have i spose if someone went to court for drug dealing as long as they said its ben done before it would be ok.

    And comparing elected politicians in a legally protected chamber with a First Minster of Scotland attacking a public employee whom he insulted and questioned the integrity of his hardly at the the same level.

    Alex was using his attack to bully not only the one person but all media employees to use fear to force them to put on a pro snp face or face dire consequences.

    Salmond only has to stamp his feet to call up armies of extremist nationalists to do his bidding and woe betide any person who has been singled out.......

  5. And the BBC will take money from any tin pot dictatorship including Westminster to spread bias as they have admitted too.

    BBC to issue global apology for documentaries that broke rules

    The BBC also used FBC to make a documentary about the spring uprising in Egypt without knowing the firm was paid to do PR work for the regime of former dictator Hosni Mubarak.