Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sir Fred Goodwin

Niko puts on his Nationalist snp head

The subliminal message from all this vilification
is a Scottish Bank run by Scots for Scots
was a total disaster for both Scotland and the UK (Err! England)
The  Scots were only saved by the English 'AGAIN' and that
if only the English were left in charge it wouldn't of happened.

And its  only because  the UK (Err! England) bailed out
RBS that the Scots people aren't begging in rags in the streets.
and eating their own children.
The very idea that the Scots would be able to rule themselves
without the benefit of English guidance is proven risible.

The REAL Question to ask were there not any English Knights
Of The Realm complicit in Bankrupting the UK while
at the same time enriching themselves before deserting the 
sinking ship HMS UK ltd.



  1. Of course it wouldn't have happened! It didn't happen to Northern Rock after all, did it? Oh wait....

    I'm not trying to negate Scotland's part in this. The chancellor that let it happen was Scots (even although he didn't much care for that description; the PR people told him North British sounded better). His boss the prime minister was also Scottish although immediately after leaving Scotland's poshest school, he fled to Oxford, never to return except on short visits for work, or weekends with the Queen in Balmoral.

    The bank was based in Scotland (although it had long ceased to be anything other than a multi-national, with its REAL HQ in London's City (having amalgamated with the far larger National Westminster Bank and Williams and Glynn.

    Likewise the Lloyds, Halifax, Bank of Scotland has a showcase head office on the Mound, but its operations were carried out from Halifax. It, like the Royal Bank, has far more branches in England than in Scotland.

    Alex Salmond supported Scottish banking. He seemed to think nothing was wrong with it. So that's a very strong Scottish connection that no one can deny.

    He judgement was faulty. No doubt about that. And no excuse for him that RBS and HBoS were regulated (or not) from London, under English law. But Iain Gray, Annabel Goldie and Tavish Scott said nothing about these banks either.

    The whole thing was a mess, although to be fair to all these people, it was all so big, with so much of the UK economy riding on it, any of these people's criticisms would have been dangerous.

    But the regulation was from London, and the person who started the "good to be greedy" culture was an English woman.

    Would regulation have been different in Edinburgh, if Edinburgh had the power to regulate? Who knows; who will ever really know? No one.

    We will say it would have been. Cameron will say it would not have been and that it would have sunk Scotland without trace.

    But then, all of that is conjecture. Scotland could have been an Iceland or Ireland... But it would have had an oil fund bigger than anything the Royal Bank would have needed.

    No point in crying over spilt milk. It happened. It had happened before in the 1920s. If we stay the way we are it will happen again, and if we change it may still happen again. Men will always see making money out of nothing as a possibility. Alchemy. And women too. Angela KNIGHT (what an appropriate name).

    As usual Cameron acts and thinks later. This was a pointless and nasty little move motivated by getting a good Daily Mail headline, read and approved by the terminally dim who don't want to be seen coming home from the newsagent with The Sun.

    It's like battering the EU, being disagreeable with Sarkozy, sabre rattling in the South Atlantic. All that matters to the little creep from Eton is Daily Mail headlines.

  2. You got it One, Niko :)
    And good summing up of the situation, Tris.

  3. tris

    'pointless and nasty' thatll be Cameron all right