Monday, March 5, 2012

The Overwhelming response from the snp
and the extremist Nationalist community
to how

Bill Walker  SNP MSP

Treated his   three ex-wives
after he assaulted them
punched and kicked
 he assaulted her and struck in her the face while 
she was wearing glasses, 
  Punched her in the face and tore up her communion card
 Pushed her with such force she had to be hospitalised
Threw household items and poured orange juice over her
  Walker admitted striking his second wife
 "I was in bed and he smashed me in the face."
 I remember going to pick up the children at 
school with a black eye

 Has almost universally been


 They would rather ignore turn a blind(or Black) eye
to any amount of immoral or illegal actions by
their  elected snp representatives.
Than do the right thing by the Scottish peoples
and condemn there actions and expel them
from the snp Party forthwith. 
Alex Salmond and the snp alongside the
Nationalist community are willing to
Obfuscate,hide, whitewash, deny
in the mistaken belief
to hold Mr walker  to account
for his misdeeds may impact
against their Independence campaign.

For Alex Salmond and the snp
The End Justifies The Means
 "I shall do a minor evil to achieve a greater good." or
"My aim for greater good makes all the evils I have done right."
 And who the feck wants such a dirty immoral party
such an immoral movement to lead any nation
let alone an Independent Scotland.


  1. He's been suspended from the party.

    Just the same way Mr Joyce was suspended from Labour.

    With the same speed as Miliband acted (admirably).

    There is to be an inquiry. He disputes the allegations. People have been known to lie about these matters. Both sides.

    The Labour party has made no demands for him to be expelled from the party. They seem to understand that there is a correct way of doing things. After all, if he was thrown out, and then some of the allegations were found to be exaggerated, what would you be saying then? "That's the sort of Scotland the SNP want. One when you hang a man before you try him."

  2. tris

    You Nationalists routinely hang people absent trial
    Eric is hardly in the same league as Bill one cuddled a younger lady the other smashed her face in.
    At the end of it you lot are quite willing to ignore 'ANY ACT OF MALFEASANCE' by any Nationalist.
    solely because you believe to criticise or single out one of your own somehow weakens the cause of Independence.

  3. ch

    as posted

    Open Letter to Alex Salmond; Asian Candidate abused and smeared at Pollok SNP Nomination, smears allegations not investigated, is SNP fit for purpose?

    George, you are betraying your own. Think what you are doing before you regret it. Why are you still a member of the SNP? You can always resign if you are so unhappy.

    Dirty scum snp

  4. Got a lawyer Niko.

    Restriction on publication of reports of judicial proceedings.

    a concise statement of the charges, defences and countercharges in support of which evidence has been given;

    Just saying.