Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Nanny State

The snp have lost the Referendum
the eurozone crisis has seen to that.
there is no way the Scots are going
to follow a bunch of Nationalist swivel eyed 
maniacs to some ill defined half baked
notion of a push you pull me Nation
which in all the major powers remain
under Westminster control.

Nah! they will cling to Nanny
Britain for fear of something worse


  1. Why? Do you reckon that Britain is doing a good job?

    Are you happy with the way it is run?

    Do you like what Cameron is doing?

    If he wins this referendum look out for all kinds of sh*t from him.

    We don't vote Conservative and we won't be voting Liberal any time soon, but more often than not we will be lumbered with a pile of aristocratic sleaze balls telling us what to do and making us do it.


  2. Niko, are you sure you meant "nanny"?