Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Cancer at the Heart
Of Alex Salmonds snp

The inability to tell the truth

The Scottish Government maintains governments neither reveal the existence or content of legal advice.

One wonders given the exceptional circumstances
the unasked attempt to separate a Nation.
Why Alex Salmonds snp  claim (feebly) of
following usual practice.
In the most unusual circumstance for 300 years.
surely if the answer can give information upon
an issue which may influence one way or another 
how some may vote in the referendum.
Then why not just give a straight answer and if
the answer favours Alex salmonds snp then
we anti-seperationists will have accept it.

Obviously Alex salmond has other reasons
to hide the truth and one can only(reasonably)
assume the answer is at variance to the snp
stated position. 


  1. The Scottish Government's stance on issues surrounding legal advice is the same as the UK Government's.

    Labour's practice too...

    But it is somehow shameful when the SNP does it. Petty, pathetic and childish, no more than you'd expect for one of labour's MEPs.

    There are, however, many people who will hope that Scotland would not automatically be a member. And that they would not apply for membership.

    However, I'm terribly dubious about the Herald (a Labour paper) getting their information from "a senior source" who is so sure of himself that he declined to give his name.

    In fact if Scotland has to reapply it seems logical that the UK will have to reapply too.

    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will have become the United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is therefore not the same country.

  2. Niko,

    All will be revealed soon. At present we are trying to put it into simple English so that Labour supporters can understand it.