Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scotlands England's Greatest living  Briton

Ian Davidson

The man who stands tall and true
against the  Nationalist snp scum
who shows no fear.
He who will lead  The English heavy
horse and drive the snp scum from
the field of battle

I give you the
English Heavy Horse
 Ian Davidson

And for his Bravery of heart Ian
will be granted  the right of
Prima Nocta or
a bottle  of Bells


  1. He looks and frequently sounds like he's enjoyed quite a few bottles of Bells.

    Usually when England has a scourge of the Scots, isn't it usually an Englishman who plays the role?

  2. From the look of that twat I think he should be ringing the Bells now that his father Quasimodo has retired.