Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Cybernats call me mad or insane
they would its par for course with
the snp supporting Nats.

Its just they attack the Torys and Labour
for the ATOS assessments acknowledged to be humiliating and degrading,
to have serious and in many cases fatal effects 
on people’s mental and physical health

And yet they use the same vile 
rhetoric to vilify and stigmatize
anyone who takes an opposing

they claim a better more socially
just Scotland would be built in
an Independent Scotland.

But given the way they
actually behave towards 
One wonders what the
reality of Nat rule would
lead to


And tris these people are your


  1. Well it has been a while since I last wandered over this way Niko.

    That said, I do like your use of imagery. Very illustrative :)

  2. That's really unfair, Niko. I've never called you mad ...

    Surely we are right to say that in the UK we have a grossly unfair social security system which is going to throw people onto the streets shortly, and has already killed well over 10,000 sick people for forced to look for work that doesn't exist; that is so unfair that the courts keep criticising it, and indeed turning it over; that has seen people being made to work for free for large profit earning companies.

    All this at a time when the government allows large companies and individuals to escape taxation. And when members of the government keep their money in the British Virgin Islands to escape their own lax tax regulations.

    Surely that is wrong, and surely it is not unreasonable for us to criticise it.

    Surely also the Scottish government has shown by example that where it has legal rights to do so, it will stand between George Osborne's social security and the people who suffer from it, and we are right to point out that this is of advantage to the ordinary person in Scotland, and the disadvantage of the indecently rich.

    1. But you have asked him if he has a mental disability Tris ... pot, kettle, black?

  3. tris

    didnt say you said anything derogatory but unfortunately as ch has proven
    the Nats in general and chs crew in particular.
    Routinely use ‘disability insults against non sp/nat commentators
    which only reinforces negative stereotypes against disabled people
    even those who vote for the snp and for independence.

  4. Niko if I met you face to face and you kept spouting tosh as you do I will call you an idiot as I call a spade a spade as it is different than a shovel. tris has a more tolerant attitude to me because we are different but both only wish for the same goal i.e we haven't been brought up as Labour clones and express ourselves as free thinking individual entities not like you.

    1. But you are a cybernat clone Cynical.

      Again, pot, kettle, black.

    2. Only in your eyes Dean as independence is free thinking rather than cloned unionists who prefer authoritarian control of all they can hang on to.

    3. 'authoritarian control'

      Your extremist vitriol proves me point. Cybernat extremist who is beyond reason or evidential-based politics.

  5. once again, an Independent Scotland is being portrayed as being run by the SNP, ad infinitum.

    really. :-)