Monday, February 11, 2013

Who stole me Pony Pie


 Having cooked me luvvly pony pie
hungry I was.
When i wos scoffing some pony meat
noticed a funny taste(sput out pony meat) Yuk!
Quick as flash whipped out me DNA testing kit.
I had bought previously from a pound shop.
And tested a sample   yep as I SUSPECTED
it wuz beef prime beef and not baby pony at all.

I contacted the  slaughter house i ordered
the pony meat from and gave them both barrels.

'What the feck have you lot done i ordered
baby pony meat'
'And you lot fobbed me off  with prime beef '

When i picked the pony to eat i asked for
the baby one riding on a rainbow.
Even paying an extra fifty bawbees for
the pony.

Now you lot have conned me outta
me luvvly pony pie..

well I am not letting it rest there and am off
to the Environmental heath people. so i am
I tell you this

It wouldn't happen in Romania


  1. It was unionist Ass only you are unable to recognise the difference.

  2. Put some brown sauce on it Niko... It all tastes much the same.