Sunday, January 25, 2015

“The only way for Scotland to become independent is for a majority of people in Scotland to vote for independence in a referendum – that is the route to independence,” she said.
 Nicola Sturgeon

They never will !

The only way is a
fight to the
death .




  1. Nicola is right.

    It's the only way it could ever work.

    It will happen one day.

    But we need to break the two party one government system adn prove to people that there is an alternative to permanent austerity for the poor. Note that the rich aren't actually having this austerity that the rest of us are living with.

    MPs are taking an 11% pay rise, while other public servants have none or 1%; the lords were allowed to reject joint catering with the Commons on the basis that the quality of the champagne would suffer. My friend who works in the City will still have three holidays this year, all abroad and take weekend breaks in Paris, Reykjavik and Budapest in between.

    Once we get through to people that it doesn't have to be like this,perhaps they will stop believing the BBC.

    There is sure to be another referendum. This time maybe some of the people will remember the vow and the hashed up job that they made of delivering it.

    If and when it happens, it will happen because Scots want it.

    There will be no fight to the death.

  2. tris

    The imposers of austerity are already fighting to the death
    and many people are dying slowly painfully due to austerity.
    they may not be shot down or blown to bits in the street.
    but dying they certainly are.

    I hope and wish my spiritual homeland of Greece
    can start to demolish austerity and light a beacon
    of hope for all true socialists .

    I note the snp have not stood against austerity
    in the same way as they have in Greece
    for all their blether ......