Saturday, January 10, 2015

The price of Oil and The price of the Truth

Alex Salmond on the  11th March 2013

The First Minister said oil production was set to rise to two million barrels a day, taking Scotland into a “second oil boom”, as he met industry leaders in Aberdeen yesterday.
He said: “It is also clear that a wide range of credible forecasters expect oil prices to remain close to present levels, or to rise further in future years – with some organisations, such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), suggesting prices could exceed $150 a barrel by 2020.
“Even with a cautious estimate of prices remaining at $113 a barrel being used, it’s clear that Scottish oil and gas could generate more revenues than has previously been assumed


Alex Salmond and the snp/Nats alongside
the denizens of  Munguins Republic .
Have shown how duplicitous two faced
and untrustworthy extremist Scottish Nationalists
have become.
After many years screaming violently  from the rooftops
claiming how Oil money could transform an
Independent Scotland .  The liars now say
the Oil is just a mere little Bonus and is not very
important at all. not at all the liars
Fortunately the honest Scots have heard them and
the Scots know what was said and what they meant.
The Scots are not the idiots the snp/nats would like to
believe .As the referendum result  confirmed the snp
are despicable lying toads who when the spotlight falls
upon them reveals them for nasty lying lot they truly are

Je Suis Niko


  1. I see that the ex FM is being castigated for basing his projections on the OECD figures. I wonder what the UK government base their predictions on.

    We know that the current situation, which is only the same situation as 5 years ago, is predicated upon a vendetta of Saudi Arabia, which is so rich that it can afford to go without income in order, the object of which is to break Putin's back presumably for his ongoing support of Syria.

    It is assuredly temporary. Saudi will either decide that it is in its interests to reduce its production and stop flooding the market, or America will tell it that if it doesn't do something then it won;t get any more fighters.

    Over and over during the referendum campaign we saw figures which showed that our economy as as stable as the UK economy without oil. Oil was indeed part of the bonus that would make our lives better than they are. The other parts were the savings from not pretending to be a ,military power and "punch above our weight", not have nuclear weapons of mass destruction, not have an embassy and consulate in every second town in the world and not be America's lickspittle.

    All of that still exists even with oil at a low price.

    Munguin's Republic appears to be coming in for some stick from you here... You say that the SNP are despicable lying toads...

    Are you calling me a liar too, Niko? It wasn't quite clear.

  2. tris

    Is the price of Oil an integral part of any Independent Scotland
    future or just a trifle a mere bagatelle just an unimportant bonus.the answer to your question lies in the answer to my question

  3. "Je suis Niko"...

    And unique, thank fuck.

    Are you going to attack the "wide range of credible forecasters" too Niko?

  4. Conan

    the credible forecasters ? are not offering themselves up
    for elected office or making firm policy promises based on
    their forecasts