Tuesday, April 21, 2015

If you want a Scotsman for a 
neighbor vote Labour
as the Torys now say

Mean while at a Conservative fundraiser
 Some Scots were center of the party


They raised a tidy sum of money well when you are enjoying yerself !


  1. That's a rather disturbing photograph, is it from the American south. Quite upsetting, it's unbelievable what the human race will do to each other.

  2. The lynching of young blacks [1930]

    This is a famous picture, taken in 1930, showing the young black men accused of raping a Caucasian woman and killing her boyfriend, hanged by a mob of 10,000 white men. The mob took them by force from the county jail house. Another black man was left behind and ended up being saved from lynching. Even if lynching photos were designed to boost white supremacy, the tortured bodies and grotesquely happy crowds ended up revolting many.

  3. Probably best to take your "Not Supporting Separation" banner down now.
    I do enjoy your blog when I come to it