Monday, May 25, 2015

How the Nationalist  Hate
A mindless hate
A dark hate
A vile hate

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This is snp supporters hate writ large

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So much for  

the positive future for an inclusive, welcoming and socially just Scotland that the SNP want to see

So where are you Niko?
You voted for bastards like him to rule over us.
Are you happy with your NO vote?
You are obviously wealthy, if you can escape abroad to make a new life.
Under your beloved system, i will have to work until i drop as i have no work pension.
You are a fucking arsehole, and i would happily kick the shite out of you.

He is like a pet flea annoying and irrelevant but one doesn't have the heart to crush him between ones nails rather let him eat himself from the inside out just like the Labour party he used to support.



  1. Taz!, you were telt no tae let him near a keyboard again!

    Bad dog!

    1. conan

      Why do they hate me so much I mean its not if
      i am horrible like wot some are

    2. There there Niko. You have a wee cry.

      We love you really.

    3. you agreed with jute so you did how very could you do that a thing like that???
      well out of order.

    4. Oh stop feeling sorry for yourself.

  2. Grow a pair Niko.

    I hate the BBC and all that it stands for, indoctrination through to protecting corruption at the highest level especially paedophilia which is endemic at the heart of the British establishment of which you obviously support.