Friday, October 9, 2015

World Greatest Living
(or so he believes)  

Ee by gum  !
tho knows 

 I'll drink to that happen


 Some say Gideon (his real southern softy name )
knows..........up North

And of course what really attracts Gideon
northern mens favorite past time  
                                                    (women in love style er the movie
                                                    him being Alan bates to Cameron's Oliver Reed)

If you look carefully Conan is at the back
with the dirty beard and even dirtier vest.


  1. I've been told I resemble Ollie before.

    Great video. Which one is you Niko?

  2. Conan

    I've been told i resemble Alan Bates (when young )
    and i like nude wrestling Ooer !

    saw your comment on Richard Grimsdyke showing yer age
    there mind i knew who you meant one old git to another.

    I am the one with the Pig, well all this fuss about Cameron now
    be honest Conan who aint put his todger in a Pig when young.
    in fact when inebriated more than one willing pig oink oink.
    Bestiality in Germany is legal not many realise that and thats why I wont take Taz on hols in the Reich