Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Union dividend
how much is it worth ?


So proud  



                                  5% cut



Nicola Sturgeon faces 5% cut to Holyrood 

budget over five years




I wont hold me breath !



  1. "Still the SNP could raise taxes on the wealthy Scots".

    No. They couldn't. Any tax rise has to be across the board.

    As you well know.

  2. Despite what Kezia has said, the truth is that, as I understand it, Conan is right. If they put up the tax on the rich, they have to put it up on the poor.

    45p => 50p will mean 20p +> 25p

    Further, by my reading Scotland can't change thresholds.

    It's not much of a deal for us.

    Income tax, in any case, is not any use on its own.

    Without control of VAT and other big money taxes (duty), it's a very very blunt tool. One which neither the Labour/Lib nor SNP has ever used.

    It would only hurt the poor and the rich would simply buy a pied a terre in England to avoid the extra burden on them.

    It wouldn't help with the tax credits, the change to housing benefits, the change to National Insurance, or the new pension which will make hundreds of thousands worse off.

    Still, the cheering thing as I said before is that Liz and her scrounging holidaymaker family are going to get a pay rise of 2.8 million. God save her.That's what some might say. Just not me or Jeremy!

  3. conan tris

    Sophistry and well u know it otherwise know as tripe.....
    what your saying is the snp wont take from those who can
    to those who are unable. Because they the snp choose not to

  4. Oh Niko.

    Sometimes it sounds like all these years of hammer and chiseling facts into your head are actually working... then you go and write the same old SNP BAD nonsense that started off with all those years ago on the Scotsman.

  5. If the top rate goes up, by say 5%, the bottom rate goes up by the same, that's the rules; furthermore tax rate Cannon be cut below rUK rates.

  6. The Labourites are probably the last people in the world who are in a position to comment over taxes. In the event of independence I might have been, at one time, tempted to vote for a Scottish Labour party with old Labour values but Murphy, Baillie, Dugdale and the present Labour dog's dinner put paid to that foolish notion...

    1. JRB

      As opposed to new snp values wherein they refuse
      to help the Scots but blame the English for making
      them do it

    2. Where/When did they do that?

  7. Niko have you stopped taking your medication, I suggest you start again. I am distraught to see that poor Jeremy is embattled by his own Blairite MP's. He really needs to toughen up. Oh and as you very well know that Nicola might want to tax you up to the hilt but in doing so would have to tax those on just above the bleeding awful minimum wage.
    We do not have to blame the English for anything whilst we still have the likes of you.