Sunday, November 15, 2015

Post Paris


To be fair the Unionists have been verbally attacked
by  snp Nationalists   in much the same way for years and years.
On Facebook some people friends even are saying 
outrageous things towards Muslims and immigrants
 which I find sickening  .

When you put all the Muslims into one bad category you
hide the evil within the good  when the good muslims are the
only ones who in the end will defeat the terrorists .
I understand the anger some feel but we must rise above it.

I try to follow this quote 

 “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”
  -Martin Luther King 

even though sometimes it is hard and I fail


  1. When I was a kid, the lads in my class used to plan to "get" the lads from the Catholic school just down the road. We were 6 or 7. None of us was even slightly religious, and none of us had any notion of the difference in beliefs of Catholics and non-Catholics, nor really did we care.

    Of course, my classmates didn't have an innate hatred for something different all by themselves. They were taught it by their ignorant parents, who had been taught it by theirs...

    Imagining that all Muslims are like the people who devastated Paris is a little like imagining that all Christians are like the Ku Klux Klan. There are 1.5 billion and more Muslims in the world. if they were all evil I'm sure we wouldn't be living they way we now do.

    M Hollande said that this was war, and of course he was right; it is. But for complete balance people need to remember that this war didn't start on Friday night. France has been bombing Syria now for several months.

    With the best will in the world, and I'm sure the French do their best, there are bound to have been hundreds if not thousands of totally innocent victims of their bombing.

    That is what war is like. Sad, and in the 21st century somewhat ridiculous. But true nonetheless.

    One thing about the battles between Scotland's "nationalists" and the British "nationalists" is that there has been little or no violence.

    The only occasions I can think of were when someone punched a pregnant woman in the stomach; when an female MP slapped another woman, and when someone set a Yes shop on fire, although no one was hurt.

    There was a case where someone tried to run the first minister off the road, which was quite serious, as it could have ended in deaths not just of Alex Salmond, but his driver and colleagues, and possibly pedestrians or other motorists. Happily there was no injury.

    There may be more, and I'm sure you will remind me if I left any out.

    Apart from that, only bad tempered and intemperate shouting matches and daft drunk tweeters on both sides revealing the extent of their frustration and anger by tweeting about quislings and nazis.

    I bet that the people of Paris, and of Beirut, the folk on that Russian airline and the hundreds of thousands of people in Syria wish that their fights were so peaceful.

  2. I am utterly ashamed of you Niko, and you know why.

  3. Helena

    Umm err I am feeling guilty but its in my nature .....


    No violence but some abuse both ways and the nats do
    say Scottish Unionists are traitors making them feel cast
    out from society and the nats do want to marginalise us.
    So there is a similarity between Muslim minorities and how
    the Unionists are considered by the snp nats....

    anyway Cameron will now bust a gut and international
    law to get some dead of the armed forces under his
    legacy .

  4. Niko. It' is hard to see how unionists could feel marginalised. The BBC, all but one newspaper, STV all supported the union adn continue to do at every turn. Mostly they support Tories which makes us all a little marginalised.

    I'd wholly agree that there are some right tow rag nationalists who open their stupid mouths and insult. But that is evened up by people like Iain Smart who insists that we are all Nazis, racists and bigots... I'm not seeing that in most of us.

    It's a terrible thing to say but there is nothing that used to draw the country together better than a war.

    Not so sure that would work now. But i'm sure that the Eton pig fancier hasn't quite got that far in his government classes.