Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Labour Votes For Cameron







  1. I reckon you know the result of the free vote on Syria Niko. The opposition will be the SNP, Plaid and probably the Greens, Jeremy and a couple of like minded Labour folk.
    What do you think might happen if Labour lose Oldham?

  2. I hope these right wing puppets understand what they are getting into, and that there are many other things the British Empire could do to hurt IS other than kill their kids.

    Ken Livingston is right, no matter how unutterably shocked people like Murray pretend to be. If you bomb the hell out of Syria, why would not Syria bomb back... on an airline, in a theatre, in restaurants, and cafés?

    Why are they so scared to admit the truth, even if it's not what Tony would have wanted?

  3. Helena

    WE wont !


    cos its not right wing nutters who get bombed iffen
    they did they would sing another tune