Thursday, January 14, 2016

 snp MPs at wesminster
Greedy Greedy Lying Bastards

SNP Westminster leader Angus Robertson has most expenses claims rejected of any serving MP

 Mr Robertson’s unpaid claims ranged from a £2 train ticket to a £1,073 unpaid claim for council tax.
 File photo dated 28/03/15 of Angus Robertson, the SNP leader at Westminster

 Fecking Dishonorable Scot
hang your heids in shame


The  Scottish Working Class can kiss
the snps arse£££££££££££££
they have got  the public trough
at last££££££££££££



  1. snp just like the other unionists they hate

  2. Very selective headline there, when reading the article it appears his claims were legitimate and paid.
    Not so much, that dynastic son of Labour, Mr Kinnock. Coffee makers and milk brothers, what no Wellingtons.

    I do think the way MPs are housed and paid needs reformed. Why are they not allocated a house/office, already fully equipped. The same house could be allocated to a constituency, thereby anyone elected to serve that constituency gets that house. No flipping houses, to make a profit from tax payers, and one would assume easier to keep tabs on expenditure and security purposes.

    1. Milk Frothers, bloody autocorrect.

    2. Bit of respect there Jim. Mr Kinnock is the son of two Lords. He is doubly entitled to the honorific, "The Hon" Mr Kinnock. I suspect that makes him entitled to a frother on you.

  3. I agree. I think they should all be made to live in a tower block in a dirty tumbled down part of London... or if they chose, they can pay for their own accommodation in Kensington and Chelsea.

    Regardless of party.

    1. Some of them might want to stay with Mr and Mrs Parker Bowles in Clarry House!!!

    2. Niko, you do realise, or perhaps not, that MPs hand in all receipts and the civil servants decide whether these are appropriate or not. It is not a case of Mr Robertson or any other MP writing to them and saying "Here is a receipt for 65p for a postage stamp please credit it to my account". They could all do what a former Chancellor or the leader of "Scottish" Labour did and employ tax-experts at public expense in order to minimise their taxes...