Thursday, March 17, 2016

Gordon Brown to make major 

intervention  Balls up in 

EU referendum



 The pro-EU lobby hopes that the former Prime Minister,

 dubbed the man who 

‘saved the Union’,er ! this helps ?

can prevent the UK backing Brexit


Gordon Hammer of the snp

he will smash the snp scum

he will wipe the floor

with Nicola

the great wunnerfull

heroic Gordon has

returned our Savior

the one the only

Gordon Brown

 Niko puts hands on his head

curls up into  fetal  position

and rocks gently side to side 

weeping copiously .



  1. I can agree with you, on this, Niko. If Gordon is helping, were f****d.

  2. First he saved the world; then he saved the union (really because he wanted to stuff Alistair who'd been trying to do it for 2 years, by doing it with one speech), now he's going to save the EU.

    One has to wonder who the hell he's going to save next. Is he a Jedi?

    1. If he's a Jedi, he's on the dark side. Darth Broon.

  3. Daft brown did u say lol

  4. As a brush.

    Based on all the shite he blethered from Cameron's mouth at our referendum, I'd not trust him an inch...

    On the other hand IDS is on the other side and he's a lying ****