Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Port Talbot

Just when Cameron does not want it Port Talbot
under threat at the same time as the referendum
on the EU.

What can he do if he does nothing his preferred  option
mainly cos he despises the welsh but not as much as he
loathes the Scots.
Then the voters will likely say what is the point of being in
the EU if the UK cannot protect their own people.
And yet if the UK government give help to the steel works
Thatcher will be spinning like a top in her grave and Cameron
would of abandoned the basic tenet of neo liberal  economics
screw the little people and let the bastards go to the wall.
But he cant this vermin UK government is gonna have to
make a reasonable rescue or the outcome of the EU referendum
and Cameron's job could be in the balance.
The outers will make a great play on how the UK
outside of the EU could do as they please without any
interference from the EU commission .


  1. My guess is that he will say he's going to do something, and then not do it. After all, it'#s Wales, and there aren't many votes in Port Talbot. They tend to come third or forth.

    Lying comes easy to them.

    I noticed that in all the BBC's reporting of this, not once did anyone mention that the Scottish plants (although much smaller) were sold.

    I hope that some arrangement can be found. It would be utterly devastating for the area if Port Talbot shut down.

    They must find buyers with government help if necessary.

    1. Incidentally, if teh UK came out of the EU and had no trade agreements with them, they could indeed do whatever they wanted to. But if they hope to have some sort of "Norway" or "Switzerland" type deal, they still wouldn't be free to subsidise Welsh Steel. The single market would not allow it.

      Perhaps Camergoon's best bet is to persuade the EU to act in favour of European steel.

      But that might risk upsetting his new best mates, The Chinese. Not to be advised that.