Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tom Harris and John McTernan

 We're bought and sold for English gold-
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation! 

A much overused stanza but not this time

Tom Harris

poison pens for hire .
deserted by the Scots and
lost without labour patronage.

(John is the slag on the phone


It was off to big London, Bow bells
and employment at the Telegraph.
All they have to is use their
penmanship to write

Jeremy Corbyn is wanker
in all its forms and variations
all day every day ad infinitum 
what not to like as an ex blairite
a cybernats dream job no less

unfortunately Tom and John
couldn't get a high paying preferment
such as  Sir Danny Alexander was given
still rogues cant be choosers


  1. Harris's appointment made me laugh. Apparently the two journalists he replaced were earning just a tad under £200,000 between them. He has been hired for £25,000 a year. The mad twins have got themselves a bit more money to do mad things with.

    Dunno who's paying McT to spout a load of shit at the moment. Unless he's working for Jimbo's consultancy for nothing, for I see Jim's had to take on writing work to supplement his worldwide diplomacy conflict resolution company.

  2. Oh aye, I see what he said. Poor Kez. She should just tell him to shut the **** up.