Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Remains Project Fear
seems to be winning
if you have a proven
strategy why give it up

EU referendum poll: pensioners, Tory voters and men are deserting the Brexit campaign



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  2. I reckon there will be a very low turn out.

    Old folk will vote to remain because they don't like change.

    Some people will vote to come out becasue they hate foreigners.

    Most young people won't bother to vote, becasue the EU doesn't impact on their every day lives and they've been put off by lies and ever more ridiculous stories from both sides.

    Project fear but this time both sides are doing it!

    It's like some sort of joke.

  3. Even I don't listen anymore both side
    Do the right thing I say whatever that
    might be

  4. We should all just sit down with a nice cup of tea and have a good blether.