Sunday, August 28, 2016

Building Castles in the air.

The Conservatives dreaming on Brexit
all the world has to do is agree with them


Britain will retain access to single market and curb migration under plans considered by Theresa May



Britain will retain access to the single market for financial sector and the car industry while curbing migration under plans being considered by Theresa May.

Philip Hammond will this week put forward plans for Britain to retain access to the single market on a "sector-by-sector" basis during a meeting at Chequers.

Yeah yeah whatever !



  1. And why not, I say?

    Surely a nation as important as Britain should be allowed to do whatever it wants, and sod Johnnie Foreigner, what, what!

  2. There appears to be an assumption, based on nothing more than arrogance, that the UK will retain all the advantages and none of the disadvantages of being in the EU.

  3. They have no chance, and they know it.

  4. It's bewildering that they seem to genuinely believe what we laugh at so heartily. Meanwhile we feed people from food banks...

    1. BTW Niko: What do you think of Kezia's latest adviser from the Daily Heil?

  5. Kezia Dugdale learned a lot of things on her holiday to America. She doesn't remember them all, but she knows she did them in class.