Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The settled will of the Scottish people


Another poll shows that Brexit hasn’t changed Scottish appetite for independence



 Kantar TNS has today published a poll showing that 53 per cent of Scots are against independence, which confirms the YouGov poll taken at the end of August showing 54 per cent of Scots against


Once again and again the snp

aim of secession has been shown to

be a myth . the people in full knowledge

of the facts do not and will not join

the Nationalists in their now forlorn

quest for an idea the died in history

and can not ever return.The page in

that old book has been closed.

The referendum result was clear

and decisive the snp deny that truth.

And carry on their lost cause the high

tide of nationalism was reached at the

referendum and there will never be

another opportunity in all our history.

the snp in pursuit of power and personal gain

wave the option of another vote to the deluded

and desperate they plat their supporters

for fools using them as pawns in a game

in which the outcome is doomed  to never



  1. Ah well, life is good under the Tories and without any protection from Europe.

    There will doubtless be fewer jobs, but Mrs May will find ways of keeping the lower orders working, I'm sure.

    Stand up straight, do you collar up and sing God save the queen.

  2. Niko loves Tory rule.
    The cringe is his master.

  3. After the boundaries have been redrawn, it'll be Tory government's ad infinitum, is this a future you want for the future generations of Scots?

  4. And then there's this...

  5. 'The people in full knowledge of the facts'? You must be about the only person in the UK who has full knowledge of the facts except for Boris being in charge of 'foreign affairs'. Can you share them with us?

  6. Now Milo, do not e cruel but surely your potential bar in Cyprus has vanished with Brexit.
    So how do y o u feel now, being trapped with the rest of us "Bats"?
    Not a tiny bit concerned that the Tories will rule ad infinitum.
    You see we all have to have a nationality, you chose British, so go suck it up. Helena

  7. Sorry ,not bats, nats damned Kindle.

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