Friday, November 4, 2016

Much as I disagree with the Nationalist
 cause the sight and sound of the Brexiteers
and Tory delusionists

 Attempting to ram the National anthem
an anthem I do not usually rage against.
Alongside trying and failing to resurrect
images and remembrances from  our
sometimes violent and muderous
imperial past.

makes my blood boil and stomach churn.
I can completely and understand and feel
why the nats think like they do.....

They do not and never will represent
the best of the UK only the most ville
and worst in human nature.

And why the nats want rid is just
common sense . My argument is
we could rid ourselves of Tory rule
within the UK to the betterment of

With some electoral reform but the
more vile and destructive the Brexiteers
become I can only see the destruction
 of the United Kingdom.And the rebirth
of separate individual Nations.
which admittedly  most Breiteers would
love to see.
The way they are going its likely their
wish will be granted and they can build
hell on a hill and live in it.

PS That is not taz in the pic
and one hour alone with the other
mutt and he would convince hime
the error of his way..


  1. It'll never happen, Niko. But I salute your faith in its possibility.

    The massive numbers of voters from the south est of the Uk who vote Tory, just won;t buy a proper Labour Party. The only kind they will vote for is a Tory Light, Blairite fudge. Even half the Labour party won;t vote for a proper Labour party.

  2. Saddened that the dog isn't wearing a poppy. Shame on it! And the conchie wearing the white poppy deserves a white feather, a good hiding and a one-way ticket to Belmarsh. God save the Queen!