Wednesday, March 22, 2017

And so it begins
The snp 
Hate Fest

Scotland the nation
once again torn apart
by the snp and their
nationalist  thugs 
both on the street and online

Family's broken up once
again having just put the last
vote behind them....

I have had enough of nationalist 
hatred bad enough last time be
even worse this time the snp know
this will be their last and final chance 
so you can expect the abuse and attacks
from the nats to be worse more aggressive 
and dangerous...

this time i am keeping out of the snp
hate fest and will not be taking part
life is to short and I have better things to


  1. If there had been more Greeks like Niko, back in the 19th century, Greece would still be part of the Ottoman Empire. There's a thought.

  2. I'm glad you plan to keep out of it. Get on with your better things to to do, whatever they are. After the struggle, if independence loses, enjoy fascist Britain. I hope that won't happen, but if it does you won't enjoy it. A Greek should know.

  3. Of course you will provide evidence of "nationalist thugs" Won't you?

    Won't you...?

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