Sunday, May 29, 2011

Inverclyde by-election

Labour may opt for snap poll



The First real test of snp electoral Dominance within scotland

May take place in  June 

If the snp fail to take this seat from Labour

then its back to the drawing board for the Nats

the snp should walk this one easy peasy

either way the outcome is going to point

out which way the Scottish people

are heading towards



or staying safe and snug within  our sacred



  1. Get real Niko and try to do some proper analysis as the only 'Seperation' will be body parts from the living.

  2. ch
    is that admission of defeat???

  3. No ball-less its a conformation that we have an overwhelming majority for the next five years in our own parliament.

    Your britnits were no where, and that how you will stay in Scotland.

    Five years of good majority government, for the good of Scotland. "I like the sound of that" as someone insignificant in Scotland once said.

  4. Dubs

    The Westminster Parliament is the supreme Governing body within the UK (Including Scotland)
    the loyalty of any Scot who upholds the Westminster writ must be to the Parliament at Westminster.

  5. Only by 'Treaty' Niko and if any parts of that treaty are renaged on then it becomes broken.

  6. No balls

    Not for much longer as far as Scotland is concerned.

    Remember a majority, that means Goballs that we will win every vote. Great aint it, five years to watch your new leader Jackie girning like wean on the sidelines where labour belongs.

    Bring it on as another labour failure once said.

    P.S. Im just loving it.

  7. Dubs

    Me too

    What is best in life Dubs

    "To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women."

    With a bit of luck we can turn Scotland into one big graveyard

  8. No chance.

    What do you mean "with a bit of luck" Labour have been doing that to Scotland for years.

    The people whos only policy was to turn Scotland into an economic graveyard, the London Labour party, have been shown the door.

    Labour incompetence held Scotland back for too many years, then Broon decided to wreck the rest of the UK economy with his total incompetence. England may vote the morons in again sometime but Scotland has a real alternative, the SNP.

    Hopefully the Grenock buy election could be one of the last UK elections held in Scotland.

  9. BTY

    I just love your suffering. I think you are Alan Cochrane, you both write the same rubbish.

    All the britnit pain Nico, it is great to watch, almost as funny as reading their tear stained blogs.

  10. Oh Niko, you don't half blether.

    Westminster is of little importance in Scotland. Our daily lives are dealt with by our own government, in our own parliament, in our own capital city.

    That imperial mausoleum in London with its medieval ways and houses of aristocrats has little to do with us.

    There's not much we can do there. It's overwhelmingly English with more than 10 times the number of our MPs.

    If we win Inverclyde on the back of our fabulous win in Scotland’s elections, good and well; if we don't, then we won't have.

    No one surely would be so daft as to think that that indicates anything.

    Scots vote against the Tories in Westminster elections; that's why you drubbed us in the English elections of 2010... the ones which gave us Cameron's Tories, and his bag carrier Cleggums, remember? Scots being ruled over by Eton College and Westminster School English toffs. So that was a good move...

    In our elections they vote for Scotland.

  11. tris

    the best rulers are the unseen ones

  12. That's a bit deep Niko... what does it mean?

  13. Tris

    What he means is we all wish we had never seen Bliar and the car crash Broon.

    Now we wish we had never seen Cameron and Gleggover.

    Still not too long now before they continue to ruin whats left of the YUK without us.

  14. Ahhhhh, I thought that was what he meant Dubs. Obvious really! :)

  15. Why not put up the results in your post Niko!

    Result of last UK GE 2010 - Inverclyde
    Lab 20,933 (56.0%)
    SNP 6,577 (17.5%)
    LD 5,007 (13.3%)
    Con 4,502 (12.0%)
    UKIP 433 (1.2%)

    If Labour gets anything less than 50% then you'll be looking for a new party to support.