Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yep thats the answer

Come the day(if ever it does) the snp
Government has the guts to call a

Two conditions should be imposed from

(1) The referendum should a
straight forward Question

Should the Scottish Parliament
negotiate an independence settlement with Westminster
(2) the referendum should be organised
by F.I.F.A who have shown there suitability
to run a referendum for the Unionists

Oh! yeah  and point three
for any referendum to be passed
will require a yes by 51% of all voters
within scotland


  1. Nicko

    Even by your very low standards this is even more p!sh than usual.

    BTW the referendum will be decided by the majority of the people who vote, its a strange thing called democracy, no wonder Lairbour are petrified by it.

  2. dubs

    Democracy from a party led by an English hating dictator oh you mean the Serbian version of democracy...............i should of known eh?

  3. Nicko

    The type of democracy that Scotland had on 5th May 2011. You must remember it, people voting for which government they wanted in Scotland for the next five years.

    Do you remember how well that went for your lot?

    Just to remind you,

    May 2011 election result.
    SNP 69 :: Lab 37 :: Con 15
    Lib 5 :: Greens 2 :: Independent 1

    You lost badly, but thats democracy for you. Love all your griping and girning like a big kid, keep it up it will be great to watch over the next five years.

  4. Niko,

    They haven't had the guts in four years, why would they suddenly pony-up their separatist dogmatic agenda now?

    Weak, weak, weak. That is the the separatists and they know it. The day Scotland votes for separation is the day I'll eat my own hat!!

  5. A bit divorced from reality there Dean old chap. Remind me again which partys said they would block a referendum on independence over the course of the last parliament.

    Could it have been the has beens, Labour, tory and Lib Dum partys. Oh yes, when they had a majority they blocked it.

    Guess what happened to them on 5th May, SNP 69 seats the apron string clingers no where. Democracy in action Dean, the losers lost badly so the referendum will be held when the winners, note that bit Dean, the winners choose.

    P.S. I thought that you were so confident that you would win the referendum whenever it was held. What happened Dean? did you lose an election somewhere along the way?

    P.P.S. Goldie and the Dum doing a grand job today in the Scottish Parliament (I like the sound of Parliament Dean) by trying yet again to run down Scotland over a minor English court. Keep up the good work folks.