Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The One

In the Corner of me Bar 
i have put up a picture
of me one true love
He is in me heart and me eye always
i know one day he will walk into me Bar
and back into me life



  1. A new blog and yet you're still persevering with the "Lone Voice" blog in your sidebar?

    Have you any idea why it hasn't been updated for ten months?

    That's because "Fido's" now on his very own new blog HERE!

  2. Ain't it sweet....?

    Oh well, at least we can be sure that wherever he is, your bar or not, Niko, Spookums will be celebrating the SNP's great victory.

  3. Yeah.

    What mascara do you use Niko?

    The wife thinks it's groovy.

  4. Cona

    Groovy.snigger you do show yore age..........Soz