Sunday, June 19, 2011

Independent Scotland in the E.U
Err! probably not

Alex Salmondsl lie that  Scotland
would inherit E.U rights IF' the
Scottish peoples were to make
the biggest mistake in its long  History
and vote for snp Independence
(which they wont being normal sensible folk)
has a number of flaws.

The problem with the seperationists claim
is first  the UK 'boundaries' would
change Scotland would  be outside
the UK and as such would not  be bound
by any  E.U. law or obligations..

The newly created nation of Scotland would
then be obliged to negotiate for membership
of the European Union in compliance with
the procedure set out in the Maastricht treaty.

Any  renegotiated membership of the E.U is
highly unlikey to be as favourable to new
members as they would have considerederably
less political influence being a tiny little nation on
the farthermost  fringes of Europe.

One further complication would be the rise
of anti E.U sentiment within a Nationalist
scotland leading to a movement to remain
outside the E.U. with the Scottish people unwilling to
give away the Sovereignty they have
just reclaimed from the U.K. to another
larger .Union'  of  nations at the behest of
Alex salmond

Perhaps the question from the
Independence issue is does the
Scottish Parliament have the right
to give the newly acquired
'sovereignty of the Scottish people'
away to the E.U. without the authority
of the Scottish people without a
referendum on E.U. membership


  1. Still clutching at straws Niko why not give the benefits of being part of a rump UK instead! Have you seen the latest Westminster poll?

    Westminster voting intention – Scotland
    Sub-sample size:
    (+/- change from UK GE 2010)

    SNP 39% (+19)
    Lab 31% (-11)
    Con 17% (n/c)
    Grn 7% (+6)
    LD 6% (-13)

    Independence getting nearer by the week.

  2. Cynical

    Niko never lets small matters like facts or opinion polls get in the way of his posts.

    Just wait until Westminster via it Supreme court starts releasing murderers and rapists back on to the streets of Scotland, then this lead will be small change after the indignation of the Scottish people over this.

    P.S. Niko did you read today someone left the SNP £1 million in his will. It must be true Niko it was in the Daily Record. More money for the referendum war chest. Happy days Niko.

  3. CH

    only a few days before your voting intentions will be put to the test.

    Seperationists =39 %
    Uniters =61 % for feck sake 61%

    Ooh! I am scared


    'murderers and rapists back on to the streets of Scotland'

    Whats that snp meeting finished then ???
    £1 million (yer gonna need every penny)small beer to us Westminster backed Unionists

    how come youse two didnt answer the EU referendum question or are you both happy to see
    the sovereignty of the Scottish peoples given away without asking them

  4. CH

    Labour 41%

    snp a mere lowly 26% snigger!

    from the prestigious Yougov site

    have a read

    By god! have i gave you good walloping today CH

    30th June and we will know

    ( a bit more than we know now)

  5. Niko

    After the 30th June you will know that Labour are powerless at Holyrood until May 2116, and are powerless at Westmonster until at least May 2115.

    Still all you losers can all still talk about how great you used to be at the Labour away Hame yer teas oot site.

  6. Niko when Wales and England voters vote in Scotland?

    Seperationists =39 %
    Uniters =61 % for feck sake 61%

    Ooh! I am scared

    39 + 7%(Greens) = 46% against 54%(Onions)

  7. Oh by the way Niko when are Labour the Scottish branch going to start sticking up for Scotland rather than there own political gain.

    Hammer of the Scots

    MSPs of all parties would be horrified at devolved law-making being overturned by unelected judges, especially as acts passed by Westminster, as the national parliament, are essentially off limits to the Supreme Court.

  8. still no answer to should the Scottish people have a referendum on membership of E.U.

    Or do the snp give the Scottish peoples sovereignty to the 'Union' of European nations without asking the Scottish peoples

  9. If the Scots wish one Niko then one will be granted not like Labour dictating the rules to suit themselves, a return to democracy at last.

  10. Niko, Niko, Niko.

    You have not been paying attention over the last few years or you would realise that what you have written is codswallop.

    The United Kingdom of Great Britain, came into being following a Treaty of Union between the Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England, Wales was incorporated into England by way of conquest. The new country was called the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Great Britain is an island and thus a geographic description. The titled was modified later by the incoporation of the island of Ireland, which the English had laid title to by years of conflict. This was the UK of Great Britain and Ireland, two islands and no Isle of Man, Channel Islands etc. It was later modified to be the UK of GB and Northern Ireland in the early part of the 20th Century, for obvious reasons.

    The Treaty of Union between Scotland and England was ratified, (illegally in Scotland) by votes in the Scotland and English Parliaments. Both were superseded by Westminster which was built for that job. The Scottish Parliament was not dissolved but was prorogued, (ie put in a suspended mode but able to be resurrected if and when necessary) but I am not sure about the English one.

    Scotland is still a country,a srecognoised by International Law and the UN. Thus Scotland has territorial integrity and territorial claims at sea, currently devolved to the UK Gov. It is not a Nation State but can be so by breaking the Treaty of Union which it nearly did shortly after the initial union, but was thwarted by voting irregularities. (sounds familiar?)

    So, when Scotland breaks the Union, there is a Union no more. Both sides have rights and responsibilities under common inheritance of the period of the Union. Scotland would have to inherit a % of the UK debt and have rights to that same % of UK joint assets. Embassies, Armed Forces, UK national museums, the Olympic site, the Millenium Dome etc.

    I for one would prefer Scotland to rest outside full EU membership, for a period and then vote by referendum for some other version or not. I would prefer no £STG after but a Scottish £ shadowing the € leading to either a free floating Scots Pun of something else like the Euro or Chinese Yuan(?)

    The EU would be nuts to force Scotland to go through hoops to join, if Scotland wanted. Likely both countries, Scotland and whatever the rump of the Former UK would call itself, would qualify for automatic membership, of the EU and I am sure they would want both countries to remain so.

    The real problem would be NI and where it would go, into some sort of union/association with Scotland or remain with England, or join the Irish Republic.

    Niko learn and bit of history and learn from what you have read over the years of blogging.

    Why not write something about the Greek Drachma and when Greece must quit the €

  11. Niko

    Why do you not do a post on how both you and almost red Ed love Margaret Thatcher?

    Funny how she was the political hero of the last three Labour leaders. I hear Eds admiration of Thatcher is going down well on the doorsteps of Inverclyde, they know all about Thatcher there Niko.

    P.S. Did Ed not appear on TV with his brother and a big dog some years ago?

  12. snoots

    its the law you should learn not the Nationalist (version) of history.

    Scotland would be out of the E.U many would be glad perhaps not Salmond but there you have it
    you might like a floating bawbee the vast majority of Scottish business wouldn't much fancy it.

    Wonder who your laird ship Salmond would listen to eh?

  13. ch

    yep typical Nat better to eat Scots mud than European gold you best take a look at who Der Salmond is hugging close and it aint no poor scot
    nah only the wealthy will do...........

    well thats youse out of the picture me to but then who cares what your leader says

  14. Dear Niko

    Whatever rights we have to EU membership wouldn't be affected, we do not need to re-apply for a membership we already hold.

    So, don't try it on there's a good lad.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  15. George

    clearly wrong but seeing as the nats are gonna be crushed (Ker splat)in any Independence vote who cares

  16. Niko

    You said the Nats were going to be crushed on 5th May. How did that go for your lot again?

    Oh I remember you got annihilated.

  17. Nice dismissal Niko, very erudite and incisive.

    Niko, you are the acceptable side on Onionism.

    Keep it up Old Chap.