Thursday, June 16, 2011

MSM Propaganda/slur/character assassination

by 4 1/2 year old approx Sun Reporter

Bob crow in the words of sun reporter

UNION firebrand Bob Crow takes time off from plotting his latest Tube strikes - to quaff champagne and fine wines at London's most exclusive restaurant.

communist Bob crow oh! feck no dirty bastard

and note the arrow showing the
crystal champagne glass(to be Quaffed)
they had to do that as most Sun
readers dont know what one looks

he run up a £650 bill

at London's most exclusive restaurant


well not that  exclusive then !

£650 small change to

a sun reporter they

pay much more for

a hacked mobile

he is Millwall fan 
well that just about tops it
then an all round fat money
grabbing pretendy commy
bastard who supports Millwall
fecking millwall nobody likes them
or him 

But he dont care Bastard

thanks for the sun putting us right
to Bob Crow


  1. Bob 'Champagne Socialist' Crowe

    He isn't exactly a hard worker in his grace-and-favour Union house Bentley.

  2. maybe maybe not but tell me Mr deano the Tory are you against people doing well seems like the politics of envy rearing its ugly head.........

  3. lol Niko!

    I just don't like hypocrites. Crowe was the first to condemn Cameron for being a millionaire ... what about people, stones, and glass houses.

  4. "The Times newspaper describes how Mr Miliband is being inspired by Margaret Thatcher. Just one day after he launched Labour's campaign for the Inverclyde by election, Mr Miliband's aides said he was impressed by the "boldness" of Mrs Thatcher's plans and their "depth and scale" saying she had a "compelling narrative" about what was wrong with Britain."

    The red Tories endorsing the blue Tories who get the orange Tories to back them up when the electorate 'fail'. The one party state called dysfunctional UK.