Sunday, January 15, 2012

Scots who were paid Ten Shillings a Day
to kill Irish People
and happy to take the pay.

The Black And Tans

Shoot on sight Smyth

Now, men, Sinn Fein have had all the sport up to the present, and we are going to have the sport now. The police are not in sufficient strength to do anything to hold their barracks. This is not enough for as long as we remain on the defensive, so long will Sinn Fein have the whip hand. We must take the offensive and beat Sinn Fein at its own tactics...If a police barracks is burned or if the barracks already occupied is not suitable, then the best house in the locality is to be commandeered, the occupants thrown into the gutter. Let them die there—the more the merrier. Should the order ("Hands Up") not be immediately obeyed, shoot and shoot with effect. If the persons approaching (a patrol) carry their hands in their pockets, or are in any way suspicious-looking, shoot them down. You may make mistakes occasionally and innocent persons may be shot, but that cannot be helped, and you are bound to get the right parties some time. The more you shoot, the better I will like you, and I assure you no policeman will get into trouble for shooting any man.

Black and Tans incident re-enacted in Naasby


REPRISALS BY ORDER                                                              









Prisoners In Ireland 1920


  1. Niko,

    Again you deliberately forget to mention that there were English, Welsh and Irish in the Black and Tans and that they were led by an Englishman under the auspices of the UK government. Are you so anti-SNP that you are willing to portray the current Scottish government with something that the UK government did?

  2. Start taking you pills again Niko, or it's the straight jacket for you.

  3. Gedguy

    Of course there was but the English and the Welsh aint pretending now they was always the Irish peoples best friend and comrade as Alex did.........
    He gives off all that common weil shite when in fact we all did awful things to the Irish nobody is completely innocent.

    1. I never did anything to the Irish. I wasn't even born then....and neither were the SNP. Are we to blame the Italians for what taking loads of British into slavery?
      By the way, how do you insert that reply button? It's a good idea.