Friday, January 20, 2012

Scottish Defence Force (SDF).

 And Salmonds own personal

Alex Salmonds hiding place
should any real fighting start

Alex goes to a snp meeting


  1. Surely you are not suggesting that we should risk our soldiers lives for illegal wars?

  2. Gedguy

    well one thing is for sure under fatty salmonds cowardly rule there be no fighting just himself putting his head up whosoever arse to get as much for himself selling any oil rights(just like putin has done) the fat skunk

    1. Putin, if you look at Russia now from when he took over from Yeltsin, is a far better and richer country. I would say that he has done quite well.

    2. yep good response for a Nationalist no doubt we can expect a few dead reporters in an Independent Scotland.
      And Alex having multiple secret bank accounts(well more than he has already anyway)

    3. You mean like Willie McRae?
      If Alex has a secret bank account, how do you know about it?

  3. While Alex does need to lose weight (for his own health if nothing else), the news story about a 'Salmond defence force' (or whatever its been nicknamed) is a bit silly.

    All round, why not blog about a serious issue for once Niko? Whats your view on gay marriage?

  4. Labourites don't do serious Dean as that involves thinking.

  5. Deano

    Is that a proposal well I am flattered but am already spoken for with Mrs Niko but will have look at the gay thingy in detail.

    No well we Labourites(spits glob of flem out of side of mouth) dont spend as much time as you Nats do Thinking/plotting to do mischief and harm to the Scottish peoples

  6. Flippancy, NO, from a ZanuLibefore fan?