Thursday, February 16, 2012

Camerons ploy
or been there done that

In the olden/golden days of
Trade union disputes a well
worn tactic of Management .
Was in reply to a vote to strike
to say to the the trade union.

If you call off any Industrial action now
we will enter into meaningful negotiations later

when told this the men would invariably laugh.

But Cameron is right about one question one answer
no wooden spoon for the snp on this one they put up or shut up
I mean its what they always wanted aint it???

1 comment:

  1. Alex wants one question, Niko.

    The Liberals wanted 2 (but now they want what the Tories want because otherwise Mr Cameron will put Mr Clegg over his knee and spank him, and that would cause all sorts of problems because it is likely to get back to Mr Osborne, and we all know how he likes that kind of thing, not to mention Wee Wullie Hague!).

    Labour wanted an option for devo max, because that's what they really want, but they are scared to go for it because they have accused Mr Salmond of wanting it, and it might look as if they were backing what Mr Salmond wants.

    Actually a lot of Labour people probably want independence, because if they got it, they reckon that they would always be in power.

    And now Cameron, who previously ruled out any more devolution has said that there WILL be more devolution, but only after the referendum vote, and he's not prepared to way what it will be until after the referendum. (Yep, we believe you Mr C. We always believe Tories here. We believed Alex Douglas Home when he said Mrs Thatcher would give us devolution... Home County Tories are very reliable!)