Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Devo-Max  Question ??? Or

why the snp are obsessed with it

 The real Reason Slippery Salmond and
 Basin cut Sturgeon
 Are roaming around begging for someone anyone
for feck sake anybody at all to ask for Devo max
is because they are fecked on Independence
Referendum and are shiteing their pants on
on the snp losing the reason to exist.
For once the whinging and whining
chip on me shoulder poor me Nationalist bile
has been rejected at the Referendum they are


  1. That Nicola is one good looking woman I would

  2. Replies
    1. CH

      Hows the Referendum vote doing these days or is it all Devo max now?????????

  3. What's Devo Max Niko as A Darling was waffling something today but as D Cameron hasn't told him yet what it is we are all in the dark. I am sure you with your 'superior' skills can listen to Johann's secret plans.

  4. It is true that many unionists have started voting SNP recently, mainly due to disillusionment with the Labour Party at a UK national level.

    The SNP have been positioning themselves as being the new centre-left party of Scotland capable of resisting the Tories in England. But this does NOT equate to any more support for separatism now as before.