Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lord Steel compares Scotland to SNP totalitarian state!


Yeah! snp fascist bully boys.(Again)


Scotland is starting to resemble a totalitarian state complete with news bulletins lauding the daily activities of “Dear Leader” Alex Salmond, one of devolution’s founding fathers has said.

 Lord Steel of Aikenwood said broadcasters have told him that “SNP heavies” contact them so regularly trying to influence their coverage that it is verging on “intimidation”


 'I've got a story for you to tell'...........Or else

 He said he has also been informed the Nationalists make more complaints to journalist news rooms than all the other political parties combined.

 Nobody whinges like a chip on me shoulder  snp Nationalist 

I like this bit he he he 

 lord Steel admitted he likes and admires Mr Salmond, but said he did not agree with the First Minister and did not want to hear his “inexpert views” on the match.

“I am told by other broadcasters that the Salmond rugby experience was not unique for them and that SNP heavies have made more regular calls of complaint to newsrooms than all the other political parties put together, and that this is running at times close to intimidation,” he said.
Comparing Mr Salmond to Kim Jong-il, North Korea’s former dictator, the peer said: “We are seeing a trend towards the attributes of the one-party state, where news bulletins are led by stories of what the Dear Leader has been doing today.” 
 quite right well said sir needed to be said

' Mr Salmond called Ric Bailey, the corporation’s chief political adviser in London, a “Gauleiter” and accused the BBC of acting like a “tinpot dictatorship” after his advances were rejected.'
Thats disgusting saying things like that Alex should be condemned 

 and let not forget to mention(at all times)

 Mike Russell, said “anti-Scottish”

Joan McAlpine  said “anti-Scottish” 


Disgusting makes feel all sicky wicky inside