Sunday, February 26, 2012

Numptynet Scotland

Tell the Cybernats to calm down
unfortunately they wont.

'the independence online community is intolerant and often prone to abuse'

Thats the way it is they are scary madmen who are proud of what terror
they inflict on the innocent Blogger etc

Newsnet Scotland announcement – We have recently become concerned that the style of some comments are not in keeping with this site’s aim which is to provide a source of news and opinion that serves to educate and inform and present a positive case for Scottish independence and/or major constitutional change.
Whilst we are grateful for the continued support we receive in the form of recommendations and donations we have to ensure that the appearance to the casual visitor is not clouded by a minority of posts that add little to political discussion.
Readers may (or may not) be aware that online comments are frequently used in order to suggest the independence online community is intolerant and often prone to abuse.  The people who are perpetrating these myths will try to use whatever examples they can in order to sustain it.
As the independence debate heats up it is incumbent on contributors from both sides to raise their game.
Posts will continue to be auto published, however there will now also be a policy of un-publishing comments that may be viewed as offering little to the general debate or the overall pool of knowledge, it is anticipated that most will be covered by Newsnet Scotland’s off-topic guideline.


  1. Upping your class of reading material Niko far better than what you have been indoctrinated with in the past.

  2. Quite seriously, in every part of the net, on whatever subject, people behave in a way that is totally different to the way that they behave in real life.

    It's all about being able to say whatever you like, without fear of being beaten silly by whomever you are saying it to.

    It is not just Cybernats, although there are some of them. It's Cyberlabs and Cybertories and if you can find them, there are probably some Cyberlibs out there too (but you can't have Cyberlibs without there actually being some REAL Libs...and therein lies their problem!)

    The point is that if you read through the pages of the unionist newspapers some of the comments are utterly appalling. They are things people wouldn't say to each others faces unless they were very drunk.

    I see that Newsnet is taking steps to control it. Would that the Daily Mail and the some of the other papers including the Hootsman, would do the same.

  3. CH

    Numptynet Scotland Nationalist version of the SUN


    We have a stick to beat the cybernats with and by golly we will use it Thwack! Thwack!

  4. Interesting point above. People will say anything online that they dare not say in their regular lives. In fact, I think the more beaten down and pissed off with life the person is, the more likely they are to to take their anger out online.

  5. more beaten down and pissed off with life the person is, the more likely they are to to take their anger out online.

    Yep. That's me.

  6. Yeah well there obviously more angry Cybernats than any other Bloggers(mut be something in the water/whisky)

    Socrates well that a illustrious moniker you gave yerself!! no modesty from you then