Monday, February 20, 2012

Pressure mounts on Cameron over NHS summit

Cameron has a meeting with his mates
and they all agree with him(snp style)
well what a surprise there then eh?
They all said he was jolly good fellow
with brill ideas for  NHS Private
And why would you want a load of
negative health workers spoiling a good
positive meeting.

Still we now know who is on the side of the
NHS anybody who didn't get invited to the meeting

Andrew Lansley met an elderly female voter
on the way to the select gathering of Camerons besty mates

Shades of Gordon Brown only hope he didnt say
anything offensive to her because if he did he is sunk.
the Golden rule of 'do not upset elderly female voters
in view of the media' must be upheld at all times'

Conservative support shrinks as voters turn against NHS reforms


Oh dearie me!


  1. Foundation Hospitals set in motion 2003/4 by the Labour government and the Tories are just carrying on were your party left off. Delusion is treatable with the right independent tablet.

  2. That elderly voter also happened to be an ex-trade unionist official.

    So she is hardly representative of the great majority of workers in this country, often times not even members of trade unions.