Monday, July 2, 2012

                                  ENGLISH TORY DINING CLUB 

                                  FUNDS THE NO CAMPAIGN

                                                  Bitter Together

“We were bought and sold
For English Gold
Sic a parcel o’ Rogues in a nation”


Nikostratos        received two gold sovs

Earl of Marchmount: received £1,104-17s-7d

Earl of Cromarty: received £300

Lord Preston Hall: received £200

Lord Ormiston: received £200

Duke of Montrose: received £200

Duke of Athol: received £1000

Earl of Balcarres: received £500

Earl of Dunmoor: received £200

Lord Anstruther: received £300

Mr. Stewart of Castle Stewart: received £300

Earl of Eglington: received £200

Lord Fraser: received £100

Lord Cessnock, now Polwarth: received £50

Mr. John Campbell: received £200

Earl of Forfar: received £100

Sir Kenneth MacKenzie: received £100

Earl of Glencairn: received £100

Earl of Kintore: received £200

Earl of Findlator: received £100

Lord Forbes: received £50

John Muir, Provost of Ayr: received £100

Earl of Seafield, Lord Chancellor: £490

Marquis of Tweedale: received £1000

Duke of Roxburgh: received £500

Lord Elibank: received £50

Lord Banff: received £11-2/-

Major Cunningham of Eckatt: received £100

The Messenger who brought the Treaty of Union: received £60

Sir William Sharp: received £300

Patrick Coultrain, Provost of Wigton: received £25

Mr. Alexander Wedderburn: received £75

The Commisioner for Equippage & Daily Allowance: received £12,325

Stated by THE EARL OF GLASGOW, on oath, and by DAVID NAIRNE, Secretary Depute for Scotland. (THE PRICE OF SCOTLAND'S FREEDOM)



  1. The Commisioner for Equippage & Daily Allowance: received £12,325

    You should have gone for that... Would have kept Taz in bones for years

  2. Not sure what the point of this article is but to make it relevant to today, you should multiply the sums quoted by approx 200 to reflect 300+ years of inflation.

    Tidy sums for most if not all then. But not a patch on what we are being ripped off by nowadays by the non-socialist establishment.

  3. tris

    Taz do alright eating the bones of the dead Nats


    the point is there is no point,,,,,,its a bit Zen i know but there you have it have my world my rules