Friday, June 29, 2012

independence is dead

Mr Salmond insisted: “I’m a Scottish Nationalist. 
I believe in an independent Scotland

 But a very big but

he said “there is a strong appetite for a second question”. 

Yep! the  First Fat Man Of Scotland
the Lard Of Holyrood
has a very strong appetite for a second question.
seeing as the snp preferred question 
is not appealing to the Scottish peoples

In fact it looks likely to be stuck
down Alex Salmonds throat come
referendum day..

Squeaky Bum Time
for Alex Salmond


 and as for the Cybernats denial




  1. You must really love this man since Labour as Labour will not be back in power for decades with Darling and Balls links to the LIBOR scam.

  2. ch

    you and your extremist Nat co-conspirators are fooling no one with the vote Labour get Tory line......

    just shows how desperate you lot are getting..

    tell when your pathetic vote fails as it surely will you gonna give up on democracy and resort to the bomb and the is in your blood

  3. Would you like to elaborate on that? Explain why or how you came to the conclusion that bombs and bullets is in our blood. One of your own men, Brain Cox, a strong Labour man all his life, and still a Labour man, although one that believes in independence for his country, has pointed out that in all the years of the struggle between nationalists and unionists, there's never been violent trouble.

    If the referendum is unsuccessful and we fail to win independence, I'm sure that there will be people who will not be satisfied... and of course there will be people who will say it was rigged, or tampered with, that David Cameron or Alistair Darling were fiddling (given that we all trust politicians so very little).

    But I doubt that there will be any violence.

    If the referendum is successful and we go our own way, there will be unionists who will consider that it was rigged, Eck stuffed the ballot boxes, or the bloke that ran the computer system that counted them was a nationalist and so fiddled the result in our favour.

    But I doubt there will be any violent struggle by unionists against the independent government.

    Maybe we are all too lazy to get involved in that sort of thing... I dunno.

    I might go and live in France if we don't win... but that's hardly resorting to the bomb.

  4. You'll have to do better than resorting to smears Niko when this LIBOR fiasco happened under a complicit Labour government who proclaimed that they had eradicated 'Boom and Bust' and perpetual growth on a finite planet was solved. It was for the richest 1% in society, your parties friends, at the expense of the other 99% your duped voters.

    Labour was formed in Scotland under social policies and will die in Scotland at the hand of those voters who now see how corrupt and despised your party has become for self serving greed. RIP with the rest of your headstone wearing voters.