Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sick and disabled people are

being pushed off benefits 

at any cost



Caption: Sucked dry.”

Explanation: The caricature suggests the Jews are sucking the economic life from Gentiles. It is one of numerous Stürmer cartoons comparing Jews to inhuman and unpleasant creatures. (February 1930)

 How the Political classes see the sick disabled and the unemployed
they use them as the reason for our economic decline scrounging
money from the hard working to keep the bone idle in welfare.

The disabled to prove they are a productive part of society
must in the UK today have a job any job. But the reality of
discriminating world we live in too often just doesn't make it
possible for them to enter into the world of work.

If every  job vacancy was filled tommorow there still would
be mass unemployment and the Unemployed would stilll
be under attack from the Political partys.

The fact is every political party use the those in receipt
of any benefit as a drain on the nation all across the politcal
from the English Conservatives to the Scottish snp
the Labour party  the Lib dems the only difference is
some would give a little and the others nothing or
as nears as possible.

and the undeniable truth is they are using the same strtaegy
as the pre war Nazis to vilify and demonise the Jewish
people and lots of people in the UK are agreeing with them.


  1. As your image is not displaying Niko its here.

  2. The sad thing is, Niko, that on some sites like the Scotsman and the Telegraph the comments demonstrate that they are making quite a success of this demonisation. About time we had a Scottish Labour party with the party's original values. How to achieve that? Vote yes and be able to choose your government rather than the Labour/Tory rule from Westminster.

    Good post, I like it but I'll probably be slagging you off in the next one. BTW - how's your piles?