Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Governor Sir Mervyn King 

What A Wanker !

Governor Sir Mervyn King is expected to indicate
 no growth for 2012 in the Bank's quarterly inflation report
,compared with 0.8% predicted three months ago and 2% a year ago.

I mean would you trust a doctor
(or even a plumber) 
who gave you such dodgy predictions 
nah! course you wouldnt.
the blokes a cunt and needs to
booted out the door asap. 
FFS you may as well as
trust a beetle in a matchbox 



  1. I don't know why he is still governor.

    He seems to have known nothing about how al the banks were cheating, lying and stealing, enriching themselves at everyone else's expense.

    He seems to have been unaware that the FSA reported directly to his deputy, who was a useless tosser and who had made a complete mess at the Home Office then he was Permanent Secretary there, and that resultantly, it might be an idea to keep his eye on that too, given its importance.

    Every single prediction he has made has been wildly inaccurate...and yet this bloke gets a massive salary, bonuses, and will, by rights, end up with a pension and a seat in the HoL which will bring him in another £300+ tax free a day.

    What the hell is this country like....SACK HIM.

    Of course it doesn't help that his boss the Finance Secretary is a complete tosser who wouldn't know a balance sheet from a bed sheet.

  2. tris
    its amazing i mean he is so incompetent in any other job he would be long long gone........

  3. The governor does have history of getting his predictions wrong. And let us not forget that he was in the BoE for a decade prior to the 2008 crash, and failed to see or predict the housing and debt bubbles in the transatlantic economic area.

    His credit rating is shot worse than Greece!

  4. If you submit negative growth forecasts it scares the markets and employers equally. Therefore a Central Bank will rarely predict negative growth even of they expect it, as there a risk of creating hysteria and contributing further to a recession/slump.

    1. The trouble with that as a strategy is that it will work on an occasion, but not on a long term basis.

      The impression that the markets now have of King and Osborne is that neither has the foggiest idea what they are doing, and that in any case, a forecast of small growth is always going to be downgraded.

      It's a boy who cried wolf situation.

  5. anon
    They have lost all credibility on any predictions they cant get it right.

    as Stephanie Flanders BBC Economics editor says


    Instead of this kind of radicalism, we had the - by now predictable - admission of defeat at the hands of the crisis. The governor told us, again and again, that the Bank had no idea what would happen to the economy in the next year or so, or the eurozone - anyone who could accurately forecast that, he said, deserved a medal.

    As I discussed with Evan Davis on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, you seldom come away from Bank of England press conferences these days feeling happier than you did before. For that, you're better off trying the Olympic Stadium.

    But you do come away feeling a bit better-informed about the thinking of our central bank and its governor. Right now they seem most focussed on the many things they don't know about the current functioning of the UK economy and its financial system, and the many events that they find impossible to predict.

    FFS what a compete shambles

    1. Did Stephany really say "FFS, what a shambles"?

  6. Who appointed this individual as Governor?

    1. Alex Salmond had a lot to do with it paert of his plan to destroy the UK

    2. Of course he did Niko... oh no, wait, wasn't it Tony Blair who was prime minister at that time, and not Alex Salmond. Wasn't Alex only a member of parliament from a small opposition party, and in fact not responsible for the appointment of the central bank's hierarchy?

      Just a thought... I'm sure I could be wrong. Maybe it was the other way around, as you seem to suggest. :)

  7. Niko,

    The UK is self-destructing as we speak - only Labour could save us from economic disaster!