Sunday, August 26, 2012

How To Defeat the Extremist snp Nationalists

easy peasy

Just reflect what they have said over the years
and watch how they squirm ,deny or obfuscate over it.

Alex Salmond, the SNP leader, claimed that Ireland, Iceland
and Norway demonstrated that small independent countries
 were amongst the richest in the world..

But now Eire is in the shit the snp exremists  say the Irish
are a bunch of cunts.

Alex Salmond cheered Fred Goodwin on in his takeover bid for ABN Amro - the a deal that ultimately broke the bank. As late as March 2008, Salmond was still selling Edinburgh's financial services buccaneers as evidence that Scotland could stand on its own as part of an "arc of prosperity" alongside Ireland, Iceland and the Nordic countries. The SNP leader told an audience in Harvard:
With RBS and HBOS - two of the world's largest banks - Scotland has global leaders today, tomorrow and for the long-term.

But now the snp extremists say Goodwin is a cunt

TENSIONS inside the SNP about whether to end its historic opposition to Nato spilled over yesterday as MSPs rounded on the party's defence spokesman for failing to justify the proposed shift, and suggested he was trying to change policy based on opinion polls rather than principle.

Yep the snp used?? to be against  NATO and now just for electoral
advantage the snp members say Alex has dictated a change of policy
and the snp say anyone against including their own members is a cunt 

Well we know who the cunts are don't we??

and here they are

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