Monday, August 27, 2012

The snp Nato Commitment.

The Right Wing of the snp  turn
The Nato Commitment on its head

The SNP has revealed that a motion on NATO membership, put forward by the party's leadership, will be considered at its conference in the autumn. The announcement comes amid serious questions over the future of Britain's Trident nuclear weapons system in the event of Scottish independence.

'In the first instance, Norway and Denmark were never nuclear weapons states – and it is rather a different matter for a country to reject nuclear weapons which form part of NATO's nuclear framework and then ask to become a member.'
'But more worryingly, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands have all called for the removal of US nuclear weapons from their countries and have been unable to extricate themselves from the nuclear obligations of NATO: thus remaining hosts to US tactical nukes. Their experience should provide a stark warning to the SNP of the realities of NATO membership.'


  1. For once I sort of agree with you. We should stay in Nato only if we have their express guarantee that all WMDs are removed from our soil.

    If the US demands that the nuclear killing machines stay (they belong to the US, although the British taxpayer pays for them, unlike in the cases you mention, where at least the Americans pay for them themselves), then Scotland must come out of Nato until such time as they are gone.

    Then, possibly (as France did) we might rejoin.

    The bottom line must be NO WMDs belonging to any other country must be stationed in Scotland. They are far too dangerous.

    Of course, if the UK had only not been desperate to try to retain world power status we might not have had the damned things,...and pensioners might have had decent pensions, hospitals might be able to afford cleaners, and roads and railways might be of European rather than third world status.

  2. tris

    Niko throws down his pen in disgust-saying- Damn tris agrees with me it really is just too much i'm going to have to give it up!